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Fem21’s blend of rich greens, superfoods, herbs and antioxidants supports your body to be its best.

Fem21’s unique formulation supports healthy oestrogen metabolism and promotes progesterone production, while addressing the function of the entire endocrine system including adrenal glands, thyroid and ovaries.

The liver and digestive cleansing herbs, probiotics and fibre keep everything running efficiently, from the elimination of toxins, to the absorption of nutrients while supporting a healthy gut and microbiome.

The alkalising greens provide a variety of powerful nutrients to boost your energy, control inflammation and reduce oxidative stress.

What’s inside Fem21?

Absolutely no fillers or additives, just the 21 ingredients listed here (which are all vegan and gluten-free)



Please note: Fem21 is not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding or while using medications including contraceptives (unless under professional guidance).